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Bockstein GmbH supplies ingredients and raw materials to a wide range of producing industries in Europe. We serve the food & beverage industry in terms of raw material supply, product development and licensing.
Bockstein GmbH cooperates with leading suppliers of high quality products from all over the world. We carefully select partners that offer the best products and comply with international standards and ethics regarding workforce and environmental issues.
Together with our suppliers we can provide solutions that suit your needs best with regards to quality and cost optimization.



Product Development
  • Our food consulting services offer a wide range of consulting on new product development, recipe modification, nutrition and labelling. We provide all technical services from product concept to final manufacturing product.
  • Our fully trained staff and panelist have over 10 years of experience in food industry that enable them to have subtle nuances of sensory attributes.
  • For a confidential discussion on any above services, please contact us.
  • Bockstein GmbH owns well known brands like Bockstein and Bubble Trouble. You could contact with us to get a licensing contract to produce product under our brands.
Project Management
  • Food acids
  • Cocoa powder
  • Coconut powder
  • Coffee Bean and Powder
  • Creamers and foamers
  • Emulsifiers
  • Food Flavoring
  • Food coloring
  • Fruit juice concentrate
  • Fruit Puree
  • Fruit pulp and sacs
  • Margarine
  • Maltodextrin
  • Skimmed milk powder
  • Egg white powder
  • Waxing oil
  • Gelling agent: Agar-Agar, Carrageenan, Pectin, Gelatin, Native and Modified starch


Coffee Mix 3in1

Ingredients: Instant coffee, Non-Dairy creamer and Sugar

Serving Tips: pour one stick into a cup and add hot boiled water (180 ml)


Ingredients: Instant coffee, Non-Dairy Creamer/Foamer and Sugar

Serving Tips: Pour one sachet into an cup and add hot boiled water (150 ml) then sprinkle chocolate granules above cappuccino cream

Bubble Gum

Green Apple Bubble Gum
Strawberry Bubble Gum
Tutti Frutti Bubble Gum


Bockstein Image
Rise and Shine!
Bubble Trouble Image
Bubble Trouble
Let's Burst it!

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